The impact of early childhood education

Early learning at Crestmead aims to improve the cognitive and social development of children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old. The right intervention can help increase your child’s physical and mental development and can be a protective barrier against any sort of diseases and disability in the future. Children who have been disadvantaged by poverty experience better benefited because of early learning program because it can help minimize the gap in a school readiness between low income and economically sound children.

At an early learning Centre your child would be exposed to a number of literacy and numeracy skills. They would be provided with tools for cognitive development and would also be provided with incentives to develop their social emotional skills. There are components in early learning programs which can also include additional components that healthy meals parental support and social services. These programs are delivered in a number of ways and settings. There are some district programs which are available for all children regardless of the income. On the other hand there are some programs which are funded and appropriated for children who are belonging to a low income families structure. On the other hand there also private early learning center which cater exclusively to children who might want to attend private school in the future.

Benefits of early learning in Crestmead

How a  child develops has an impact on the overall health in their lifetime. Early learning centres provide ample opportunities for children to build a foundation of academic success and general well-being. Children who attend preschool have better brain development and achieve 90% of the brain volume by the age of 6. This is the kind of physiological growth which helps them improve their functional skills which are related to comprehension, language and emotional regulation. These are experiences that a child has during the early childhood has its impact on the neurobiological pathways which would in turn reflect on their functional development.

At Play and Learn Helensvale, you can expect your child to have positive experiences which would have a profound impact on the emotional and physical development. There have been studies which found that adverse early childhood experiences would have an impact on the child’s future as an adult.

Early childhood education can be e a protective barrier for children and prevent them from developing social and emotional problems when they grow up. It not only helps improve this social and cognitive skills but also provides them ample opportunity to be ready for school and also become responsible individuals as they grow older.

Not only that but children who attend a daycare are often able to perform better academically when enrolled in kindergarten compared to other children who did not attend a care. This improved academic achievement can give them confidence and make them feel a part of the team. They are able to better adapt to all kinds of environment and in turn are confident and smart.

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