Parenting 102 and Why it is Important?

Parents tend to be overzealous a lot of the times and slowly start to see a pattern where they are extremely surprised about their child’s performance in school. We are sure that your child is a pain in the butt at home, but at school, he or she is competitive and disciplined. A huge reason behind that is because children tend to be their worst around people they trust, much like adults. So how do young parents pitch in then, when it comes to childhood education and development? Here is a list of things that can help young parents out and how they can contribute to early childhood education and development.

1. Independence

Parenting 101 would tell you to take care of your child and will ask you to make sure that they are protected and sheltered. But for a change, teach them the importance of independence from a young age. At school, children are tasked to complete tasks on their own, and most children tend to learn how to be independent in such a setting. But the minute they are in the presence of their parents, they are treated like royalty. Children are a lot smarter than what we give them credit for. If a child is conditioned from an early age in such a setting and understand that they don’t need to be independent in certain occasions; such a sense of entitlement can have devastating effects as they grow. It is only a matter of time until they figure out how mischievous they can be in a school setting without having to get in trouble.

2. Pride

We all want to do as much as we can for our children. But there is a line that we must set if we want our children to be self-sufficient. Have you meet grownups who are extremely book smart but lack street smartness or are just outright not self-sufficient. We are sure you must have; these grownups were probably taken care of to a great extent when they were kids. So the next time you realise that the task you are doing for your child is something he or she can do it on their own; take a step back and ask them whether they want help. Children always have this need to fit in and grow up, so they’ll want to do it on their own. So let them have their moment that they can be proud about and soon enough, you will notice a pattern of self-sufficiency that builds within them.