Choosing the Right Kindergarten

When it’s time for you to choose a kindergarten for your child in Thurgoona, you’ll find there are many choices. Therefore it will be up to you to find the kindergarten that will most benefit your child and that your child will enjoy attending. It is essential to consider what kind of a learning environment you would want for your child. Every school and kindergarten program has its method of teaching children. So take a look at some of the school programs to see which seem to be the kind you and your child would enjoy participating in and arrange to visit those schools.

School community

Please take a look at the school as a whole and the community it’s in to see whether your child will feel at home there. Children feel safer when they know they’re not too far from home, and sometimes the teachers who teach there are people your child might have already met in the community, and it will feel more like a safe environment. Usually, the best idea is to find a kindergarten in your district or not far from it, making the school feel more familiar.

Consider the teachers

The teachers at the school you choose will be the most significant influencer on your child. It is so vital for a child to love their teacher, respect them, and look toward them for guidance. Therefore, when visiting a school, look at how the children there interact with their teachers and how the teachers respond to them. See if there is a willingness on both sides to interact and to understand each other.

A joy to learn

Particularly in kindergarten, a school program should make it fun for children to learn. Children should look toward their day at kindergarten like another day of both playing, interacting, and learning. All the children together should be happy and involved in their tasks. This will be when your child might form lifelong friendships and have good memories of their kindergarten teachers as they move up in school.

Balanced curriculum

Starting with kindergarten, having a well-rounded education is essential for a child’s healthy outlook on life. Each school has its set curriculum. You want to be sure that the school you’re considering for your child has a program that encompasses many different things. A properly balanced curriculum should give children the time to communicate, share with others, do various tasks and even solve problems.

Class size

Pay attention to the size of kindergarten classes. If a class has too many students, you can be sure some of them will remain neglected. Children need to have their teachers’ attention both individually and as a whole. Having a mid-sized class where teachers can reach out to everyone your child will stay engaged both academically and socially.

Speak to parents

When doing your research, take the time to speak to the parents of the children attending the kindergarten. Get information about how their children are doing and what they think of the school. Find out how involved parents get at the school, and this will help you with your decision.

Day to day school and after school programs

Please take a look at the school as a whole. Find out their learning philosophy and the structure of their kindergarten programs. Ensure that there is an equal balance between creativity, learning, and playtime. During playtime, the children are carefully monitored to avoid any injury or conflict between children. Is someone around all the time who they can turn to if they need something? Find out if the school offers after-school activities that might further benefit your child.


Finally, when you have made your choice from Thurgoona’s new kindergarten and day care or at least found two possible schools, a good idea is to arrange a visit with your child. Arrange to visit the kindergarten and see how your child reacts. See what they think of the school, the children, and the teachers. If they seem happy with what they see and are not afraid, meet the teachers. Their interaction with your child will help you make the final decision.