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In The End of Big, Internet pioneer and Harvard Kennedy School lecturer Nicco Mele shows how our ability to connect instantly, constantly, and globally is altering the exercise of power with breathtaking speed. Business, politics, and culture are being disrupted in revolutionary ways. Many of these changes are for the good. But Nicco argues that the realities of technology come with a troubling downside. He asks:

  • How does radical thinking underpin the design of everyday technology—and undermine power?
  • How do we hold institutions accountable when investigative journalism is being replaced by ad-hoc bloggers, phone videos, and tweets?
  • Web-based micro-businesses can out-compete major corporations.  But who then enforces basic regulations—product safety, privacy protection, fraud, and tax collection?
  • As our two-party system grinds to a halt, can government produce leaders we need – or demagogues for special interests?
  • Currency, health and safety systems, rule of law: When these erode, are we better off?

Nicco argues that unless we exercise deliberate choices over the use of our technologies, we doom ourselves to a future that tramples human values, generates chaos in our social structures, and destroys rather than enhances freedom. This landmark book is both alarming and hopeful — thought-provoking and passionately-argued —  and will change the way you interact with technology forever.

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Popular Highlights

“Power is not about knowing how to use Twitter. It’s about grasping the thinking underneath the actual technology – the values, mindsets, worldviews, and arguments embedded in all those blinking gadgets and cool websites.”

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