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About Echo & Co.


Nicco’s firm, Echo & Co., is a full service digital agency with over a decade of experience and a commitment to redefining what is possible for our clients. We partner with organizations to amplify the impact of their great work. We want to see our clients do more than succeed — we want to see them flourish.

Our experience in web development, design, and digital strategy is renowned – we’re professors, authors, technical experts, and artists. Since the early days of the internet, we’ve been honing our skills to bring you the best technical solutions that are fully-integrated with your brand, tell your story, and get results.

Born out of the presidential campaigns of Howard Dean and Barack Obama, our founders were among the first to use the rise of the internet as a people-powered force for change.

Today our clients include enterprise non-profits like the World Food Programme and global brands like Google. No matter if we’re helping clients tell the story of their organization, creating impactful visual design, designing engaging user experiences, or developing ground-breaking functionality, we’re constantly collaborating with our clients, working together as a team.

We’re working to build a new world connected by emerging technologies where communities engage in collective, transformational action. We’ve seen first hand how individuals have used technology to change the world, and we’re captivated by the disruptive and democratizing power of the internet.

Our clients have ambitious goals and are driven to create a positive difference. If that’s you, let’s get started.





Popular Highlights

“Power is not about knowing how to use Twitter. It’s about grasping the thinking underneath the actual technology – the values, mindsets, worldviews, and arguments embedded in all those blinking gadgets and cool websites.”

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