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Triple Pundit Google Hangout: The Sharing Economy


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The sharing economy is a movement of movements emerging from the grassroots up to solve today’s biggest challenges, which traditional institutions can’t manage alone. New and exciting solutions are changing how we produce, consume, govern, and solve social problems. In the same vein, the maker movement, collaborative consumption, the solidarity economy, open source software, open government, and social enterprise are a few of the movements showing a way forward based on sharing. At the core of this societal turnaround is both modern and infinite wisdom – “that it’s only through sharing, cooperation, and contribution to the common good that it’s possible to create lives and a world worth having”.

What do you know (or want to learn) about the “Sharing Economy?” On Wednesday, January 29th, TriplePundit’s Founder, Nick Aster, engaged in a conversation with Neal Gorenflo (Founder of Shareable) and Nicco Mele (Founder of EchoDitto). Check out the video below to watch and learn!


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“Power is not about knowing how to use Twitter. It’s about grasping the thinking underneath the actual technology – the values, mindsets, worldviews, and arguments embedded in all those blinking gadgets and cool websites.”

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